Classes I and II

There is no formal examination for Classes I and II. The teacher will evaluate the students through continuous and comprehensive evaluation [CCE]. The  testing can be done simultaneously while teaching  or separately. Most of the time the students need not be aware that they are being tested. There will be minimum 8 cycles of CCE.

   Classes III, IV and V

    There will be two terms in an academic session. The duration of the First Term is from 1st April to 30th September. The   duration of the Second Term is from 1st October to 31st March in an academic session.

  1.First Term includes Formative Assessment 1(Pen-Paper Test), Formative Assessment 2 and Summative Assessment 1 (Pen-Paper Test).

            2.Second Term includes Formative Assessment 3 (Pen-Paper Test), Formative Assessment 4 and Summative Assessment 2 (Pen-Paper Test).



     FIRST TERM: FA1 10% + FA2 10% + SA1  30%  =50%

     SECOND TERM: FA3 10% + FA4 10% + SA3  30%  =50%

     TOTAL  50% + 50 % =   100 %

  FA1 & FA3 are only pen paper tests. There is no oral.( Till last year unit test included assignment, project and oral marks. This made the children easy to score good grades. This year parents are upset because of the low grade. They should understand the reason and should not pressure the child.)

  FA2 & FA4

 The duration of Formative Assessment 2 will be from the first week  of  April to the last week of August and Formative Assessment 4 from the first week of October to the last week of the last week of February.

 The following activities will be taken up by the teachers to assess the expected level of learning in their subjects:

       Listening Comprehension, Conversations/Dialogues or prepared

speeches on given topics, Oral Quizzes, Story Telling, Story

Development, Presentations involving conversation with peers and the

teacher, Role Play and Dramatization, Reading Comprehension, Creative

Writing, , Puzzles, Data Handling and Analysis, Maths Lab. Activities,

Problem Solving in groups, Estimation, Field Activities and Reporting,

Presentation on current topics, Group discussion, Survey, Charts

,Models, Trips and Reports, Group Investigations, Assignments (Class

work and Homework) etc

      GRADING SYSTEM :(A five-point Scale )

 Five point grading system is followed.

         MARKS RANGE



A+   Outstanding


A     Excellent


B      Very Good


C      Good


D      Scope for  Improvement

 Anecdotal Record

Apart from academics children will be graded in Co-scholastic activities (Games, Art & Craft, Music & Dance), Personal developments, (Courteousness, Confidence, Care of belongingness, Neatness, Regularity & Punctuality, Initiative, Self control, Respect for others property, Sharing & Caring.