Adventure Clubs



  • Interested students from class VI to X were the members of the Club
    • Introduction of the group members is held on 28.3.2018
    • Discussion on various activities were taken place during the meeting.
    • The usage of water cleaning the ground, removing sharp and dangerous objects are some of the activities.
    • Undergoing training on First Aid and giving First Aid, Planning trees in the campus, caring plants in the school campus, organizing awareness programmes
    • Club meeting was held on 27.6.2018.  Group member helped in organizing science exhibition and also witnessed Science Exhibition.  Regulated the students who came for seeing various exhibits. A discussion on the change of attitude towards service was under taken.
  • During club activity held on 05.07.2017 members cleaned lay ground. Removed stones, papers etc.

Club Activities In-charges 2018-19


Names of Clubs

Names of Incharges

Names of Members


Nature Club

Mrs Geetha Ramesh

 1.Mrs B.Muthulakshmi

2.Mrs A.Madhavi

3 Mrs. Niramala Ehiraj


ECO Club

Mrs Usha Menon

 1.Mr R. Rajendran


Integrity Club

Mr. Thenraj


2Mrs.Meena Raju

3. Mr. Ranganathan

4.Mr Anandhan


Literary club & Reading Club

 Mrs. Neeraja

1.      Mrs. V. Jayshree

2.      Mrs. Meena Raju

3.      Mr. Narsimhan

4.      Mrs. S.Jaya 


Art & Craft Club

 Mr. Ankur

1.Mr.Ashok Kumar

2. Mrs.Janaki

3. Mrs. Gowri 


Dramatics Club

 Mr. y. c. Pandey

 1.Mr. Ashok Kumar

2. Mr. S. Ranganathan

3. Mrs. N. Sumathi 


 Adventure Club

Mr. Revathy Barathwaj

  1. Mrs. Geetha Ramesh
  2. Mr.Ashok Kumar
  3. Mr. Amit Kumar


Maths Club

Mrs. P. Geetha

  1. Mrs. K. Uma
  2. Mr.Thenraj
  3. T.G.T.(Maths)
  4. Mrs.Devaki
  5. Mrs. Shyamala
  6. Mrs. Rajeswari
  7. Mrs. Jhansi Rani
  8. Mr. J.Aanandan
  9. Mrs.N.V.K.Rekha